meditor version 5.4.6

  In this release:

    * A new Renderer parameter to accomodate for type class style programming

    * Upgrade to Fop 2.9, Batik 1.17 and Xalan 2.7.3 (require Java 8)

    * Tested script engines:


    * Tested libraries:


  In version 5.4.4:

    * New script engine/library:


    * Script engine output is rendered automatically if implementing jscl.editor.rendering.MathObject from:


    * Graphs are rendered automatically if implementing org.jdesktop.swingx.JXGraph.Plot (or array thereof) from:


    * Upgrade to txt2xhthml 4.1

  In version 5.3.3:

    * Externalize graph as jscl.editor.Graph

    * Upgrade to Snuggletex 1.3.0

    * Tested script engines:

      org.jetbrains.kotlin#kotlin-scripting-jsr223;1.3.72 (mutually exclusive with Rings due to Trove4J version mismatch)

    * Tested libraries:


  In version 5.2.1:

    * Upgrade to Jeuclid 3.1.14, Fop 2.4 and Batik 1.12

    * Plot based on SwingX JXGraph

    * Tested script engines:

      ch.epfl.lamp#dotty-compiler_0.22;0.22.0-RC1 (requires Java 8)

    * Tested libraries:

      de.uni-mannheim.rz.krum#jas;2.6.5988 (need to replace Log4j 2.5 by 2.13.0 for the library to work with Dotty)

  In version 5.1.1:

    * Restore Paste-from-Wiki

    * Upgrade to linoleum 1.6

    * Tested script engines:

      com.github.rjolly#jshellscriptengine;1.0 (requires Java 9)

    * Tested libraries:

      de.uni-mannheim.rz.krum#jas;2.6.5803 (need to install log4j#log4j;1.2.17 manually)

  In version 5.0:

    * Due to being stopped, the module system and the web folder are broken

    * As a result, meditor is re-developed to run on

    * Most of the functionality is preserved, except for:

      Paste from Wiki, due to SnuggleTeX not being available in Maven Central
      The web folder, which is replaced by making pull requests to the github repository
      Every script engine/library that is not available in Maven

    * Available (and tested) modules are currently: