Yves Noyer
  pointed out several bugs

Jeffry Madura
  tested meditor on Zaurus

Eric Smith
  tested meditor on Jornada 820 and 690

Sergio Melas
  found a bug in the integral

Andrea Boright
  found a bug in the factorization

Ross Green
  advised to use the java Map interface

Nicolas Rosillo
  drew my attention to Fabrizio Mancini's page

Marten van Wezel
  made me realize that the factorization can be recursive ; requested a matrix inverse

Toyin Akin
  pointed out a limitation of antiderivative() with respect to integral+expand() ; suggested to implement the rules of trigonometrical identities

Philippe d'Oreye
  asked for div and mod

Sione Palu
  suggested to provide tex code generation

Michael Braginsky
  advised to use the Memo Pad Archive (*.mpa) format for meditor-palm docs

Mike Thomas
  advised to implement the geometric algebra product

David Schneider
  suggested to implement some number-theoretic functions

Oleg Volkov
  pointed out an issue with building meditor-palm under j2sdk1.4

Markus Hohenwarter
  asked for the possibility to integrate functions like "sin(x-3)"

Dimitri Pissarenko
  wrote the Export to XHTML function