Changes between 3.1_build7 and 3.1_build8:

+ can specify twitter.sinceId as system property
+ moved source to Git

Changes between 3.1_build6 and 3.1_build7:

+ TeX rendering limited to expressions enclosed by math tags ; marked in red color
+ pasteFromWiki action with TeX to MathML conversion
+ split pane is one touch expandable

Changes between 3.1_build5 and 3.1_build6:

+ TeX rendering via SnuggleTeX
+ google-api-translate ugraded

Changes between 3.1_build4 and 3.1_build5:

+ compound undos
+ export to tex supressed
+ upgraded to jeuclid-3.1.8

Changes between 3.1_build3 and 3.1_build4:

+ a new MathDocument class + improved MathTextPane
+ indentation preserved through export to xhtml and pdf
+ paste from twitter can retrieve more than 20 statuses
+ upgraded jasymca engine from 2.0 to 2.0.1
+ upgraded sympy engine from 0.6.4_beta2 to 0.6.5
+ upgraded jas engine from 2.3.2428 to 2.3.2828
+ upgraded jlinalg from 0.5 to 0.6

Changes between 3.1_build2 and 3.1_build3:

+ send to/receive from twitter action

Changes between 3.1_build1 and 3.1_build2:

+ copyToWiki action, in TeX
+ "docs" as default document root, if it exists

Changes between 3.0_build12 and 3.1_build1:

+ a single package for meditor + engines
+ included jlinalg

Changes between 3.0_build11 and 3.0_build12:

+ upgraded sympy engine from 0.6.4_beta1 to 0.6.4_beta2
+ defined mml(expr) for MathML in sympy
+ upgraded matheclipse engine from 0.0.6 to 0.0.7
+ matheclipse plotting (jvLite.jar needed in classpath, not provided)
+ jasymca plotting (just evaluate "plot" when the plot window is active)
+ mathpiper engine made webstartable
+ upgraded to jeuclid-3.1.4 and consequently to fop-0.95 and batik-1.7

Changes between 3.0_build10 and 3.0_build11:

+ plotting facility
+ upgraded scas engine from 0.1 to 1.0
+ upgraded hartmath engine from 07pre19 to 08pre2
+ hartmath hacked to work with bsh-2.0b4 ; webstartable
+ hartmath plotting works (Plot, ParametricPlot, Plot3D, ContourPlot, DensityPlot)

Changes between 3.0_build9 and 3.0_build10:

+ document root choice added
+ distinct run and evaluate commands
+ chooser default file filter set to accept all
+ chooser don't strip extensions when filter in accept all
+ fixed an untimely font change occuring in MathTextPane
+ jscl engine syntax change : expr expand becomes expand("expr") and likewise for the other keywords
+ matheclipse engine made webstartable
+ engine for jasymca (version 2.0), webstartable
+ engine for mathpiper (version .74)

Changes between 3.0_build8 and 3.0_build9:

+ sympy engine webstartable
+ jas engine webstartable

Changes between 3.0_build7 and 3.0_build8:

+ upgraded sympy engine from 0.6.3 to 0.6.4_beta1
+ upgraded jas engine from 2.2.2088 to 2.3.2428

Changes between 3.0_build6 and 3.0_build7:

+ supressed the error when evaluating empty selection
+ fixed missing newlines in multiline error messages

Changes between 3.0_build5 and 3.0_build6:

+ added a sympy engine (version 0.6.3)
+ upgraded from jython2.2.1 to jython2.5b1

Changes between 3.0_build4 and 3.0_build5:

+ allowed attributes in math and svg tags (esp. svg width and height)

Changes between 3.0_build3 and 3.0_build4:

+ SVG graphing capability
+ moved "&" replacement ahead of "<" so as not to spoil the latter
+ upgraded scas engine from 0.0 to 0.1

Changes between 3.0_build2 and 3.0_build3:

+ created per engine launcher scripts in bin directory, as suggested by "legven"
+ put examples in their respective engine distributions
+ escaped "&" which made pdf export fail
+ no more need to comment imports in jas scripts

Changes between 3.0_build1 and 3.0_build2:

+ jscl keywords can be nested as in "cos(x)^2+sin(x)^2 elementary simplify"
+ separated eval and exec methods in EditorEngine source files
+ added a docs/faq
+ upgraded jas engine from 2.1.1770 to 2.2.2088