This website is meant as a collection of user-created meditor worksheets. Feel free to add your own. To do so, please make a pull request to . Your changes will be reflected on the website.

Notice that MathML parts of meditor documents are rendered automatically:


meditor documentation

- tutorial
- release_notes
- jscl version 2.4
- matrix of engine+library compatibility
- archive

exercises and solutions

- exercise1
- exercise2


- johnny Helping Johnny to find his ideal woman


- trigo trigonometric identities
- surface surface chemistry equations
- digit statistics of occurence of a digit in a number
- cospi5 computation of cos(pi/5)

beanshell scripts

- overview
- cyclic
- editorgraph_bsh
- fateman
- meyer


scas examples

other scala examples

- editorgraph
- twitter

jas examples

- polypower
- chebyshev
- trinks_sigbased_gb (need to run staggered_linear_basis and basic_sigbased_gb first)
- chebyshev_rb

other system examples

- matheclipse
- sympy
- redberry bhabha_scattering example
- redberry rings
- frege