This website is meant as a collection of user-created meditor worksheets. Feel free to add your own productions. To do so, run meditor and click "Connect to web folder". Enter your credentials (you need to register if not already done). To create a new document, select "docs" and choose "New->Empty file". To edit an existing document, just click on it and it will load in the editor pane. Click "save" when you are done. Your changes will be reflected on the website. If you are not confident, you can use the sandbox.

Notice that MathML parts of meditor documents are rendered automatically:


meditor documentation

- tutorial
- release_notes
- How to use meditor - by Dmitri Pissarenko (applies to version 1.0)
- archive

exercises and solutions

- exercise1
- exercise2


- johnny Helping Johnny to find his ideal woman


- trigo trigonometric identities
- surface surface chemistry equations
- digit statistics of occurence of a digit in a number
- cospi5 computation of cos(pi/5)

scas examples

other scala examples

- graph
- twitter

jas examples

- polypower
- chebyshev
- trinks_sigbased_gb
- chebyshev_rb

other system examples

- matheclipse
- sympy
- redberry bhabha_scattering example