meditor version 4.2

  In this release:

    * Upgrade to Netbeans platform version 7.4

      System.out redirected to output panel
      computations made in their own thread so as to not block the UI
      added a "Working" dialog

    * Scripting engine/library upgrades:


    * Technical changes:

      upgraded sardine to 5.1 (was 314)
      removed xerces dependency

  In version 4.1:

    * Upgrade to Netbeans platform version 7.3.1

    * Updated java web start link

    * New scripting engines:


    * Scripting engine upgrades:


    * Now maintaining a matrix of engine+library compatibility

    * Re-modularized ScAS

  In version 4.0:

    * Application rewritten using the Netbeans platform (version 7.1.2)

    * Updated java web start link

    * New collaborative website

    * Source code repository moved to

    * XML libraries are upgraded to the following versions:


    * Scripting engines are now interfaced through JSR-223 instead of specific definition ; this required the following upgrades:

      scala-2.9.2 with JSR-223 addition

    * Engines+libraries available through Update Center ; currently : beanshell+jscl (working), scala+scas (working), jython+jas (working), jython+sympy (not yet working), matheclipse+jas (not yet working)

    * Incorporation of ScAS 2.0